Sunshine and ETA Bombs

Posted on August 10, 2008

Friday night saw us wave goodbye to our friends Charlotte, Tom, Lisa and Claire from Stratford, basically leaving us as just about the only non Irish group left on the whole campsite, I am getting concerned they might start digging it up and turning it in to a car park!

It appears that Michael (Oim jist an simple Oirish businessman troying to dae the working man a good deal) O’Leary, owner of Ryanair, has been doing something of a deal on flights from Shannon to Biarritz. It turns out allegedly, that it is only a good deal if you forget all the additional charges for taxes, luggage etc and you are prepared to effectively take a lottery ticket on when your flight departs.

Far from being a hero a lot of the Irish describe O’Leary as being, their words not mine, a bit of a Cont! That said 700 euros for a family of five on an hour and 20 minute flight seems pretty good in comparison to 18 hours vomiting yourself transparent from Rosslair to Roscoff for 1200 euros. Perhaps he is not such a bad bloke after all!

Anyway we have had a corker of weekend weather wise and have made the most of it with two days of beach and pool activities as the weather for this week looks crap, with a deep depression steaming across the Bay of Biscay. Hopefully it will be crap enough to put ETA splinter groups off from planting crude bombs all around us. There was chaos on the roads yesterday as terrorists warned of bombs likely to be detonated in Restaurants, Cafes, Estates Agents, and Bob Lethaby’s mobile home.

These people utterly despise tourists and capitalism in “their” region despite it its obvious benefit to the local economy, but fortunately they are a tiny minority in an otherwise friendly region. Not much consolation if a can of petrol detonates in your face I suppose. “Don’t worry dear, nothing a bit of intense plastic surgery can’t sort out, and after all they are only a minority bless ‘em.” Anyway better get on, as for some reason someone has left an alarm clock under my car, can’t be a very good one as it has wires hanging out of it. Just off to move it now.

Pics all come from Saturday and Sund…………………………KAAAABOOOOOOOM!!!! “Harry could you fetch my arm, it’s just landed in the swimming pool!!!”

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