Holiday a week in

Posted on August 8, 2008

After the rainy 24 hours it was a welcome relief to see the sun shining today. We made up for it by having an afternoon around the pool recovering from last nights excursions when we met up at the bar with Lisa, Charlotte, Tom and Claire plus a huge Irish contingent and had a really good laugh and consumed a little too much. Heidi’s sudden thirst for red wine at 43 is as unexpected as it is amusing, she used to be such a tea total. I fear for her, I think she will be doing two bottles a day when we return, I also fear for John’s wallet! Being here as a single Dad I am essentially a 25% discount on everything I buy which is an obvious bonus.

Previous to that I had taken George and Harry for a meal in the quaint centre of Bidart. Rather than describe it in too much detail, just refer to the word mediocre in the dictionary. Had he eaten there (which frankly is highly unlikely) Gordon Ramsay would have said: “Starter………….dull…………………main course bland…………….dessert f*cking disgusting”. He would have then bellowed at the Chef : “You’re fucking French you are supposed to love food…………. have you no f*cking pride for F*cks sake man!”

Of course I would have liked to have said the same things, but I didn’t because 1: I am English, and 2: I didn’t fancy the idea getting my face punched in whilst my children watched in bewilderment, wondering how they would get back to the campsite whilst I got carted off to Biarritz Royal Infirmary.

Tonight it is back to the bar for a few mineral waters……………………….. the vid is Harry and Daisy going down the waterslide, Harry is far right!

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