That’s The Trouble With The Atlantic Coast………

Posted on August 7, 2008

Today has been overcast and periodically damp, the problem with the west coast of France is that it can still be exposed to wet weather steaming in from the Atlantic, and last night must have seen 2-3 inches of rain.

Undeterred me and the boys set of for an afternoon body boarding, but as we jumped in to the sea we were greeted with a blast from a siren and a guy waving his hands frantically at us to get out of the sea. When we got out the life guard pointed to sign that said BEACH CLOSED, POLLUTION. He spoke Basque so I couldn’t quite get to grips with what he was saying, something about plutonium and rest in peace I think. I thought it was weird that we were the only ones in the sea!

Anyway we packed up and retreated back to the site where we spent the afternoon in the pool as the rain drove down on us, and Harry got another monkey of his back and went down the slide for the first time. Tonight we are off out for a meal on our own and probably meeting the Newtons later (They have been to Santander) for a drink. Oh we got Harry’s door open by the way!!

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