Biarritz day 5

Posted on August 6, 2008

The last twenty four hours has once again been all action, we went surfing yesterday afternoon which was great fun then I decided to get all the washing done and out to dry. I worked like a Dickensian maid to get all the clothes washed and outside on to the clothes horse only for it to start raining when we were at the bar. Not only that, the bloody dryer collapsed in the mud rendering all my hard work useless! Bollocks to trying to be a modern Dad, it’s off to the laundrette tomorrow. At the bar we managed to find some equally dysfunctional people in Lisa and sister Charlotte, Lisa’s two daughters (Charlotte and Erin) and their Mum and Step Dad. It is the only other adult company we have had as they are fellow freaks, being divorced and unmarried!

Anyway today I woke this morning with a world class hangover still wearing my socks (always a tell tell sign), and discovered my ankle is well and truly mashed. I have broken this rather unfortunate part of my body on no few than three occasions since I was twenty, and have suffered with ligament trouble on and off for years, so attempting to run three miles on a sandy beach was probably unwise to say the least, I am struggling like mad now just to walk!

Being the utter hero that I am, I managed to take the boys up to Le petite Train at the base of the Pyrenees, unfortunately Le Petite Train also proudly boasted Le Grand Queue to roast before parting with 36 Euros. However, it was more than worth the wait with spectacular scenery as we rose to over 900m above sea level. We firstly enjoyed clear skies before out of nowhere storm clouds eerily gathered below us to develop in to what is, as I write a huge storm. I am hoping to have a few beers at the bar tonight but it is raining so hard, and I am currently attempting to open Harry’s door that has jammed itself shut with all his belongings in!!! I would kick it down but my ankle hurts too much!!!

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