What A Great Summer!!!!

Posted on September 9, 2008

What a fantastic summer we have had with some exceptionally fine weather ruining cricket matches, barbecues, camping trips, and days out with the children in the summer holidays.

How we have all marvelled at the way relentless low pressure systems have battered our country for the past five months courtesy of our new found friend the “Jet Stream“.
Being British is Great at the moment, apart from the constant deluge, we can also boast the worst football teams in Europe, and a record breaking housing slump as we hurtle head long in to the worst press driven recession in decades.
I am sick to death of these wankers who keep saying the foul weather is what makes us stoical and why Britain is Great. Utter bollocks, Britain is beautiful on sunny days in Summer or Winter, but when was the last time we had a sunny frosty winter followed by a warm sunny summer? This bastard they call the jet stream has driven atlantic systems normally associated with Iceland and Northen Scotland across France, and Central and Southern Britain for the past two Summers. What if it is here to stay and we have to spend the rest of our lives watching mild wet winters meandering in to cool wet summers effectively ending the time when we had seasons? I am not sure I would be able to cope.

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