Snow West Moors and Keyhaven

Posted on October 29, 2008

I will let the photos sum up today. We woke up to snow and ice on what was the second heavy snowfall in North Hampshire in this calendar year. Not remarkable in itself until you look at the dates, 29th October and 15th April, how unusual is that? No doubt the tabloids will say it is going to be the coldest winter sice the birth of christ. Fear not, the last October snowfall was followed by the mildest winter in a century.

Anway we dashed off to West Moors near Ringwood, went to see my Dad in Keyhaven, stopped in Broughton for a quick cuppa, then came home made a chicken curry and watched Tottenham draw 4-4 in an amazing game at The Emirates Stadium. We are now officially shagged out and going to bed!! A nice day had by all though.

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