The World Is Ending!!!!

Posted on October 28, 2008

It is official the world is coming to end!!!!! The “Global Credit Crunch” has triggered a massive outbreak of “Bird Flu” which was chemically engineered by a “Global Terror Network” in response to the threat of “WMD’s” (Weapons of Mass Destruction) which would ultimately cause “Global Warming” on such a mass scale , that there is a very real threat of a “New Ice Age” in what is now a “Climate of Fear” caused by “Yob Culture” “Knife Crime” and Polish immigrants who are stealing jobs no British person would sign off the dole for!

Who makes up all these scaremongering buzz words, is it a special division within goverment called the “The Department of Fear” or is it just The Daily Express/Daily Mail? Whoever it is I wish they would fuck off and leave us all in peace rather than bringing the country to it’s knees.
Lets play our own game and make up some buzz words for next year. How about “BAW’s” (Bankers are Wankers) PAC’s (Politicians are Cretins) and PP’s (Press Parasites) for starters.
Just to sooth you, here are some lovely pictures of the Test Valley around Broughton/Stockbridge that I took this morning. Don’t be alarmed about the frost, it’s not us entering a “Big Freeze” it’s what used to be known as Autumn.

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