Good Old Ttraffic Police

Posted on November 24, 2008

I have had a shit day today, really shit. I have laid off three more staff, found out that two new jobs I am starting have been abandoned, I have frozen my bollocks off, and to cap it all I have recieved a speeding ticket that takes me back up to a perilous nine points. Beat that.

I hate the traffic police they are robbing bastards, if I get another three points I am right in the shit, and what have done to deserve this? 58 in a 50 in Ringwood, 37 in a 30 in Reading, and 38 in a 30 in Winchester. I do about 20,000 miles a year trying to make a living, so statistically I have not got a prayer against these ruthless shitheads. I am not a reckless driver, my last accident was in 1998, so that is 2oo thousand miles without crashing. Do gooders will say ooh you should be more careful, or it serves you right. These are normally people who drive to the supermarket once a week, or create carnage on motorways by doing 55mph in the middle lane.

Watch from the flyover the M3 at Basingstoke on a Monday morning, it’s poetry, everyone knows when to pull out, let others out, and how to come off a slip road. Go to the same spot on a Sunday afternoon and it is like a madhouse with fucking retards doing completely the wrong speeds in the wrong lanes because they can’t fucking drive. How many points have they got, fucking none, because they are doing 40 on the motorway, stopping at roundabout junctions when they are clear, leaving their indicators on for miles, and being a general pain in the arse to normal drivers.

They will argue that they have never been in an accident, but they have caused loads, they will argue they have no points, well I could achieve that driving 20 miles a week in third gear, and they will say the roads are full of nutters. No, you are the nutters who should be banned, not the poor bastards who have to drive 20-30 thousand miles a year to make a living.

I repeat, I have driven 200 thousand miles in ten years without an accident, I never go more than 20mph near schools or playgrounds, so what have I done to deserve this? I am far from being the best driver in the world, but those statistics don’t lie, I am a threat to no one, I am just a cash cow for The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Christmas party, and I am fucking furious.

Sometimes I hate this fucking country and all the stupid laws that go with the fucking place, the economy is on it’s knees, and what we do, send coppers out (double time at weekends) to put people of the road, it’s one big fucking joke!!!!!!!!!!

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