Obama Celebrates As Grandma Dies

Posted on November 4, 2008

Black presidential candidate Barack Obama is celebrating today after his Grandmother’s timely death from pillow smothering…………………….. sorry I mean cancer. This has sent him propelling up the opinion polls with the all American tear jerking sympathy vote, meaning almost certain victory culminating in the USA’s first black/mixed race/ semi caucasian president.

This will be a victory for anti racism! Will it bollocks, if racism didn’t exist he would be Barack Obama Presidential candidate, not Barack Obama black presidential candidate. He is not black anyway, the side of the family he was raised by are caucasian (Judging by the pic above his Grandma is whiter than me) so he is actually of mixed race. Why then is he not called Barack Obama white presidential candidate, or perhaps Barack Obama mixed race presidential candidate, they are just as relevant. It should of course just be Barack Obama Presidential candidate, don’t we all come from Africa anyway?

To say this is a victory for equal rights in America, or anywhere else for that matter, is nonsensical. If Racism does not exist (from both black and white people) why does Rev Jessie Jackson claim Obama is not really black, or not black enough, whilst 97% of black Americans are voting for him because he is in their eyes……………..black, whilst in some parts of the Mid west he wont in even register a vote.
When Barack Obama ultimately takes his armoured car on a victory parade to the White House tomorrow (thanks Grandma) it will not be the global financial crisis, or the terror threat from the Middle East and Afghanistan that concern him most, it will be some bloke called Hank or Buck from Kentucky who has spent too much time in the late Charlton Heston’s gun toting National Rifle Association.
Racism will always exist, it is a human trait, we are all guilty of it in one way or another, for instance there is Rio Ferdinand black England football captain (His Mother is white) why not Rio Ferdinand, England football captain? You have to hand it to Americans though, they did do their best to quash this notion in the last two presidential elections by voting for Chimpanzee!

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