A Claim Against Graham…….?

Posted on November 6, 2008

Meet Graham who I work with on Tuesdays and Thursdays…….a nice man. I also work with Andy, meaning there is three of us in a small office. Recent statistics indicate that two out of three marriages collapse, and our office statistics would appear to prove this theory to be correct. Andy is divorced and I am about to be, yet Graham is still happily married.

By calculation this effectively means that Andy and I have saved Graham’s marriage and in the process saved him an absolute fortune with our unselfish acts. Meanwhile Andy has paid, and I am about to pay, the heavy price of divorce. I have calculated that the cost of mine and Andy’s divorce combined runs in to hundreds of thousands of pounds, whilst Graham admits if he had not been the one third of us who’s marriage had survived, he would also stand to shell out a fair sum.
Andy and I feel at this moment in time, that it is only right and proper that Graham honourably compensate us both with a half of what we have to pay out in settlements and solicitors costs. We think that it is not an unreasonable request, and that Graham will still be better off than if he had been brave enough to divorce. Graham divorcing would have saved either mine or Andy’s marriage, as Graham would statistically have become one of the two out of three to be divorced, if you get my drift.

“After all Graham, where there is a claim there is a blame. Pay up or we are going to employ two sixty five year old christians in their sixties who have been married 40 years, this would statistically speaking of course, render you fucked dear boy. Show us the colour of your money or Derek and Norman start next week!”

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