A Bit Of A Dreary Weekend

Posted on December 2, 2008

Sorry folks not much to report this weekend except it was forgettable, though I did buy an Ipod and docking station with money I can’t afford to spend, but what the hell, I deserved a treat. I had the boys with me which was nice, but we were lazy, but George and Harry seemed to enjoy it anyway. I went over to Broughton last night which was nice, and I had a lovely roast dinner, which came at a price, as I had to bring in about 25o logs as a payment.

Today has been unpleasantly cold, with some unpleasant things happening. Firstly my car has a problem and I think it will be costly, then I found out Taffy, one of my old friends had died of cancer which obviously saddened me, RIP mate. On the plus side, I have joined a fitness centre as my blood pressure has been a bit dodgy, it seems I have to keep moving to keep it down, I haven’t ran for ten days now and I have eaten and drunk quite alot (with the odd cigar/fag), consequently the pressure goes up! On another happier note George and I went to see Reading beat Coventry 3-1 this evening, but christ it was cold!!

Only another 31 days to go and I can wave goodbye to 2008, and though things are much better now, I for one can’t wait to see the back of it!!!

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