Back To Normal As The Cold Continues

Posted on January 5, 2009

It was all back to normal today, which was somewhat of a relief, as eating, drinking, smoking and general bad living was taking it’s toll on me, though Christmas was good fun.

The cold winter has continued with a further light covering of snow this morning, December was our coldest since 1978-79 and the night time temperature has dipped well below freezing at night for the last 10 days. “Global Warming” has apparently taken a back seat to “Credit Crunch”.

One of my first jobs today was to update website article on a Port Crochere so I looked it up in the dictionary for it’s meaning (wooden garden porch/walkway basically). It so happened to be on the opposite page of the word Pornographic so like a 12 year old schoolboy, I decided to see it’s description, and alarmingly and hilariously it was as follows:

Pornographic: Obscene, lewd, offensive ,indecent, prurient, smutty, blue, dirty, salacious, licentious, nasty, curious adult.

A description of 100% of the heterosexual male population with Broadband.

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