Happy New Year!!!

Posted on January 1, 2009
Well that’s it folks Xmas is over! We have had a lovely time, I was kind of worried about it before, but it has been probably the best Xmas I have had for some time spent with my children and the people dearest to me.

I would like to thank my Boys, Diane, Carol, Richard, Brian, Lorraine, Sally Bryn, Kevin, Sean, Ed, Penny, Stewart, Clare, Heidi and John, and Andy and all the staff at Worthy’s, for making this Christmas one to remember.
I would also like to thank my Dad, my sis Lorna, brother Bruce, Pete and Mandy, Hutch, Mick Pearse, Mark Cunningham, Steve Heath, Steve Ballard, Lesley Cunnea, Trevor and Amy Hickman, Louise Groves, Paul Cook, Richard Chivers, and Toby and Sara Jones, amongst others, for the non judgemental support they have given me throughout tough times earlier in the year, your support for me made me stay positive and happy.

Many people, including me, take friends for granted, it’s only in a crisis you realise how much you need close friends and family, so thank you.
Below are a selection of pics from Xmas, my review of the year will follow:

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