Most Depressing Day Has Passed, Obama Brings Hope And An Oakley Win!

Posted on January 21, 2009

Monday was apparently officially the most depressing day of the year. When it became official I am not sure really, does it get a special mention on calendars like bank holidays, Christmas and Easter. 19th January: most depressing day!.

Anyway this is because when we get all our credit card bills etc from Christmas and we feel right fucked off with it all, and we want to pick up a revolver and take a stroll in the woods because we can’t take it anymore. Admittedly the awful weather the lack of movement in my business, and the need for new pads and discs on my car, didn’t help to disprove this theory, but then yesterday out of the darkness a miracle happened………………………….Obama came to rescue us all!!!!

Now that was some speach. I hope he can live up to that, but it sure won’t be easy. However he can already claim to be the first Afro American president of the US of A to inspire Oakley Under 13’s Cricket Club to a first ever win over neighbours Overton, that takes some doing!!!

Pictures come from a trip to London to see my old mate Paul Cook, and we were joined by Di on Saturday night. I love going up there I love the vibrancy of the place, even in tough times. The trouble is, I love the countryside too, so I suppose I should think myself lucky to have close friends in both places. Depressing? Not really, even if I am skint, it costs nothing to walk along the embankment, or through the Hampshire meadows and Downs!

See Obama has got me going all positive now………………..what’s this letter? Oh fuck it’s my Mastercard bill!!!

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