Just When I thought It Had Been A Boring Week…………

Posted on January 16, 2009

I was about to do a blog on just how boring a week it had been then three extraodianary things happpened in the world of politics, current affairs, and sport. We will start with the bid Manchester City have made for Brazilian superstar Kaka (pictured below). It is reported that the offer being considered by Italian giants AC Milan is a paltry £108m, with a weekly pay packet for Kaka a cool £500k, with his agent (who is his Dad) recieving £18m for brokering the deal.

“What should I do Dad, I know you could get £18m but I need to make the right decision?”
“Just shut up, and sign on the dotted line son!”

The Sultans of Bling who own City can afford it, they have an alleged £565billion war chest to play with, as well as earning an additional £3-500 million a day depending on oil price fluctuation. It may not be fair, but at least it wipes the smile off the face of Roman Abramovich who is now a comparative pauper in world football.

Kaka-£108m bid being considered

Secondly, take a look below, a truly amazing escape as this American pilot guided this commercial plane with 138 passengers on in to The Hudson river in Manhatton after a flock of geese got stuck in the engines on take off. This will teach me to listen to on board safety advice in future, as I didn’t know a plane could float!
Remarkably there were no deaths (unless you count several geese presumably roasted in the engine fire) and credit must go to the pilot who could have quite easily made the whole event far more newsworthy by ploughing into the Manhattan Skyline 9/11 style. What heartwarming news (except for the goose community). I suppose the only downside of this remarkable incident was that all the survivors were American (Just a joke don’t mean it really).

Thirdly was the removing of the Mace in parliament by John McDonnell yesterday in protest at the new runway at Heathrow Airport. You can view it here.
However this show of dissent was typically British and didn’t quite seem genuine, removing the Mace is really a token gesture, I would have much rather have seen it sorted out in a full scale brawl like they do in Russia. Watch this, surely the best way to sort out political differences and make politics more fun.
I am sure Mr McDonnell’s intentions were good, but it was a cringeworthy incident to say the least, a bit like watching Cliff Richard singing at Wimbledon.

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