Beacon Hill Again And A Bore Draw For The Hoops

Posted on February 8, 2009

Went to football yesterday with George, and saw Reading struggle in a turgid draw against Preston. Not promotion form, though defeat for Wolves and a draw for Birmingham means Reading are still strong contenders, but the top three are all faltering, leaving the door open for a late charge from the Welsh contingent of Swansea, and Cardiff.

The pics below are from Beacon Hill on Sunday morning, it resembled an Alpine resort in the winter sunshine. This is mainly because there was no “snow event” forecast this weekend. “Snow event” is the new buzz word at the Met Office, and it now starting to get on my nerves. Watch the BBC weather and they are always saying things like;
“We are seriously concerned about a possible snow event on Monday”.

Why not just say;
“There is a possibility of snow on Monday and it might be heavy in places”

“Snow event” sounds like a show at Wembley arena or something. it’s a stupid description, nearly as annoying as “credit crunch”. Anyway the snow is receding now, as we have had a “light rain event” this afternoon which has started a “slow thaw event”

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