Dismal Weather Wrecks Sunday Sporting Events

Posted on May 18, 2009

What a depressing Sunday we had yesterday with wet, cold, and windy weather destroying our cricket fixtures and making me generally pissed off. Like all sunday cricket players I take it out on all those close to me in a child like way by depresssing them as well sulking around looking for pity, I can’t help it. It wasn’t helped by an evening trip to Brian and Lorri’s where everyone was having a great time celebrating Lorri’s birthday. How was that fair, why shy should they have fun when my cricket events had all been washed out, they didn’t even seem to care that much the selfish bastards.

A bit of sunshine might do me some good, maybe I should book a world cruise, and claim it back from the government as it being vital for my business for to me to understand how the construction industry is fairing in the different continents across the planet. Of course I would also have to claim for my HD Video camera and 50″ Flat Screen TV so I could view my different experiences on my arrival home to my second house in Chelsea. After all this hard work I would obviously need a good wanking session so it would be totally understandable and within regulations to buy, and claim for ,a couple of toss videos to satisfy my needs.

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