A Sorry End For Coppell As Reading Collapse

Posted on May 13, 2009

Reading’s season was in tatters last night, with the club suffering the double blow of the resignation of Steve Coppell and another season in the Championship. There will be all sorts of recriminations, and finger pointing from press, fans, and people who don’t really understand football, but the common denominator in my opinion is the chairman, self publicist John Madjeski.

Coppell indicated at 10pm last light he could only stay at the club if there was massive changes in personnell, in the early hours he was gone, which tells me that Madjeski is refusing to invest in mending something he feels aint broke. In my humble opinion Coppell walked because he had ran out of ideas to take the club forward without significant investment, the same happened to Curbishley at Charlton and look where they are now. There could be deeply troubled times ahead for Reading Football Club, approximately £90m was made from two season in the Premier League plus £12m from the sale of players. WHERE HAS THE MONEY GONE MADJESKI!!!

Coppell is not purely the innocent party here, his lack of a plan B has been exposed since Christmas, with last night’s triple substitution smacking of desperation that further disjointed the team, who up until Burnley’s first goal had been the better side. However Coppell could quite legitimately point to the fact he was missing the clubs three nominees for player of the season (Armstrong, Noel Hunt, Doyle) as well as captain Ivar Ingimarrson and former captain James Harper, but to his credit Coppell doesn’t do excuses, it’s not his way.

Steve Coppell is a personable man with integrity and a genuine warmth for Reading FC and those who are celebrating his departure, and are putting their faith in Mr Madjeski to take the club forward have to be very careful what they wish for. Good luck Steve Coppell, it was probably time to leave, thanks for taking the club to somewhere it has never been before, and probably never will be again.

On a personal note I would like to thank Reading FC for giving season ticket holders 12 hours to keep their seat for the Burnley game before putting them on general sale, this PR masterstroke meant only 19,000 turned up for the game, as frustrated fans couldn’t sit in their normal seats that they had paid for. You get what you deserve you second rate wankers your customer service is non existent.

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