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Posted on May 12, 2009

Updates on the blog have fallen behind because I have been so bloody busy. God it’s great to be so popular. So here we go. On Saturday it was Di’s Dad’s 70th birthday where he had the brilliant surprise of having six of his Irish relations over from Tipperary (It’s not a long way any more because of RyanAir). It was an all day affair, and a bit too much for Di who after bragging all day about staying power, and always being the last one up, was the first one unconcious at 10pm which suited me as I had cricket to think about, and I was also a bit fed up about Reading losing leg one of the play off. It was a great day though, too much food and wine, which is always a good thing.

Sunday was cricket day firstly George and Oakley CC were away at Eversley for the first day of the season with George smacking 21 and taking 2 for 5 off 3 overs in a comfortable victory. Full report here

Then I played in the Dummer Up v Dummer Down Cricket match at Lord Portsmouth’s estate in Farleigh, what a privilege that was, and we won as well, though my score of two proved that George can play cricket, I can’t.

Finally it’s off to the Madstad tonight to watch Reading try to overturn a one nil deficit against Burnley and head to Wembley. I doubt it somehow.

Pics come from various weekend events.

Brian and Lorraine share a joke with their cousin

Kathleen, Jim, Di, and Brian in a family pose

Brian and Lorraines house (partly hidden) from the bridge

Oakley U13 line up before Eversley Match
Oakley warming up
George (left) and Alex discuss batting tactics
The wonderful ground at farleigh House
Good support for The Dummer Upv Dummer Down Match
Both Dummer Sides (me Front right)
George running in to bowl in last nights cup game

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