It All Goes Wrong For The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Posted on May 7, 2009

I have never seen a refereeing performance of such ineptitude as I saw last night as Chelsea dramatically crashed out of the Champions League. I am not a Chelsea fan but this was a complete and utter farce. Conspiracy theoeries of UEFA not wanting an all English final are hopefully unfounded, but for christ sake, Chelsea had two 50/50 and two blatant appeals for penalties turned down, one was so obvious a handball that it beggars belief that it was not seen.

The other blatant penalty, a pull and a trip on Didier Drogba shows that your reputation can stick. Drogba has cheated and dived all the way through his Chelsea career, so when he was fouled and sent tumbling, the ref already had a seed of doubt in his mind because of Drogba’s devious history. I feel sorry for Chelsea fans, they have been robbed blind, but I don’t feel for Drogba. In a classic story of the boy cried wolf, his reaction below shows the sort of man he is, as we all know well, what goes round comes around I’m afraid Didier old son.

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