United Humbled

Posted on May 28, 2009

Unlike Chelsea and Liverpool fans, I always support Man Utd in Europe, they play football the way I like it, and were rightly crowned the best team in the world last year. Last night that crown was ripped away from them by a brilliant Barcelona side, who apart from the opening ten minutes made United look like a Sunday side, with the brilliant Iniesta and Xavi dictating the game with such delicacy and vision, it is hard to see Spain being stopped in the 2010 world cup.

This is the first time since the early years of Ferguson, that I have seen a United team so handsomely beaten, they have had the odd 4 or 5 nil battering when chasing a game at 2-0 down on an off day, but this was no off day, this was a technical masterclass from a Barcelona side who have taken football to a new and unprecedented level.

Fair play to them, they are worthy champions, it will be interesting to see if Man Utd can lick their wounds and come back a stronger side in future, I hope so.

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