Busy Weekend

Posted on June 1, 2009

Been a hectic weekend this week. Firstly I finished work early on Friday and headed off to Milford on Sea with the boys to visit my Dad. We stayed there on Friday and had a lovely time going for a nice meal on Friday, and a beach day in the gorgeous weather on Saturday.

Brian and Lorri invited us for a barbie in Broughton on our way home which was a really nice time even if I was not drinking and because I was driving. Yesterday saw another win for Oakley U13′s with George bowling really well to take 3 for 11 of 4 overs. That’s three wins out of four this year as opposed to none last year, so they are doing really well. Full statistics if you like this sort of thing can be found here

Last night was a couple off deserved white wines on Di’s courtyard patio as the warm early summer sun set to the west. Cant complain really can I?

Pics are from Milford on Saturday

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