What Are We Going To Do Without The Apprentice???

Posted on June 8, 2009

Along with Diane, and George and Harry when they have been with me, I have been glued to The Apprentice.In a world of shit TV this programme has been television at it’s best. The regal manner of Margaret (left) and the facial contortions of Nick (right) were perfect back up for the self confessed bugle player from the Stanford Jewish Boys Brigade.

When it all finished with the Reading girl Jazmina a worthy winner, it all of a sudden dawned on me that just about the only thing I watch has ended, and pathetically I felt a bit sad.
Anyway what else has gone on. Well on Friday Di came to stay in North Waltham and we had a great night out at Northbrook Arms for Dinner followed by a good few beers/wines at The Fox which was nice. Saturday was a disaster as I had to get four new tyres for my car (£387.00) which curtailed my day out with Harry for his birthday.
Yesterday George hit his best ever score of 31 retired (they have to retire at 30 at U13) as Oakley won again at Fleet to march further up the league in to third place with a game in hand. The pictures below show him hitting a four, and walking off unbeaten to the applause of team mates and opposition, a great moment for him.
I doubt George will be a test cricketer or even a county cricketer, but he has got to a level that will mean he can play college, university, or village cricket wherever his future life takes him, he played for Oakley men’s yesterday and took one wicket for three runs in four overs, that’s good cricket at any level, I am rightly proud of him.
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