Paultons Park

Posted on June 13, 2009

I Took Harry on a birthday treat yesterday to Paultons Park. Now I don’t normally like amusement parks. My memory of Thorpe Park is the stench of KFC and MacDonald’s combined with a heady mix of pubescent body odour and fizzy keg bitter drunk by middle aged fat blokes in tracksuits, it was horrible.

However, Paultons is a pleasant little place in pretty surroundings, it has a nice atmosphere mainly because the rides are for younger children, and it is a little bit further away from London than Thorpe Park and Chavvinton World of adventures. Consequently most of the kids who go to Paultons aren’t really interested in pulling a flick knife on you in order to get further up queue.

Harry had a great time, and went on far more rides than me because my tummy can’t take. He loved the little picnic I did for him, and he was lovely company, I spend so much time with George because of cricket so it was lovely to have a day with just me and Harry.

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