Cold Damp and Nasty As The Ashes Commence

Posted on July 8, 2009

Well, as predicted by the Met Office the weather has turned cold and damp this week, what a blessed relief for those complaining of the modest heat last week. The temperature has tumbled from 31c to around 19c and there is rain aplenty, I hope you miserable sod’s are enjoying it.

Stockbridge Last week

Stockbridge this week

The Ashes got underway today but it just doesn’t yet feel like an Ashes summer. Though still ranked number one, anyone who knows cricket, knows India and SA are ahead at the moment and England are ranked five. In 2005 it was number one versus number two, I am just hoping that it gets going, and I am sure it will. Kevin Pietersen at least played his part in making the headlines by playing the worst shot in test history, a ludicrous sweep shot to a ball that would have been called wided in a one day game. Read here . It is great to see Kev doesn’t blame himself as usual, who’s fault was it then mate.
England finished 335-7 so it could get interesting, but more rain is on the way this weekend so it could all peter out to a draw. Still at least the “it’s too hot” whingers will be happy whilst I try to think of ways to entertain my kids.

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