Hooray, The Heatwave Is Over!!!!

Posted on July 3, 2009

Temperatures soared into the 30’s this week, which I thought was great, not so the Met Office, they issued a Heatwave warning!!! What is it about this country, we have just experienced two consecutive record breaking wet Summers, and now we are issuing weather warnings about good weather, what’s that all about?

Anyway baking Britain is about to cool down by 5-10c so everyone can calm down a bit, and if we are really lucky it might get back to the crap weather of last year, it has been a real ordeal this last week taking the kids paddling in the River Test and enjoying an evening beer by the waters edge. How I long for last summer when I was stuck indoors watching the rain lash down as my children found excuses to fall out.

And then there is the boys cricket, not once this year have I had the pleasure of having to ring around 10 lots of parents to tell them their game is off, and not once have I had to exchange varying text messages and emails with managers of opposing teams frantically trying to re arrange fixtures, all we have to do is simply turn up and play in the sunshine, where is the fun in that?

This year has been great, a crisp cold winter, a fresh sunny spring, and now some hot summery weather, so if you have been whingeing, or you hear someone whingeing, cast your mind back to last Summer where in many places in rained on 42 consecutive days. Enjoy while it lasts. My most enjoyable part has witnessing that nobody does irony like Britain, didn’t you just know that the new roof at Wimbledon Centre Court would not get used!!!

Boys Paddling In The Test

Stockbridge High Street

The Test by The Mayfly Pub

George and Harry enjoy a cold drink

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