Rain Rain, Go Away..Actually thinking About It, Just F..k Off

Posted on July 17, 2009

Another day of pouring rain has once again disrupted my plans. Our Colts Cricket team has had it’s game cancelled, the last game of the season which had we won, we would have come second in the league. It is now reaaranged for Monday, I can’t be there, and George can’t play as he is in Paris from tomorrow, so a flat end to the season for us really.

After two consecutive wet summers I thought us stoical Brits deserved a bit more this year, but it appears that it is not to be as the high pressure has drifted down to the bay of biscay and the atlantic lows are in strong control. All in all shit week that hasn’t been assisted by some sort of bug or virus that leaves tired all the time, either that or it is just an age thing.

We go camping soon, I can’t face it if it is like this I really can’t.

Never mind, Autumn soon.

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