Lets all agree to agree on an agreement!!!

Posted on August 12, 2009

Life is at a critical crossroads for me right now, with my ***Decree Nisi coming through and the imminent sale and purchase of different houses in which I am stuck in the middle of a vulnerable chain, one that could snap at any time.

This isn’t helped by a delay caused by a consent order (financial settlement). This is an agreement between the parting couple of the split of finances (mainly property and business in our case). This was agreed amicably by both parties, but the the county court has to agree to our agreement, and send it back to our solicitors as a sealed document. This takes two weeks. We are supposed to exchange on Friday, so I have now had to send a letter to my solicitor saying that if the court disagree to the agreement in place, we will agree to differ with the court and agree to keep to the original agreement. Are you still awake?

I think you will agree this is a bit confusing, but this law is presumably put place to stop one partner threatening the other with violence or other means, to sign off the bulk of the assets in their favour, obviously not the case here, though I don’t deny having violent fantasies towards third parties outside the marriage who may benefit from the family assets. This I believe is natural human condition going back to when we were cavemen defending our territory and offspring. Unfortunately the clubbing over the head with a large stone is no longer legal in Britain, a law that needs to be readdressed in my opinion.

Anyway, whatever the outcome, this has cost me a huge amount of money, so I am thankful that it is nearly over bar the shouting, though until I hear the fat lady sing, I am going to assume the show, and the open wallet surgery, ain’t over yet.
One silver lining was going to see Reading play last night with the boys, it was great to see that in my current financial predicament Mr Madjeski is helping the supporters fight the credit crunch with some fantastic drink and snack deals (see below). You can also buy a packet of quavers for just £1.20!!!!

Anyway I am off to Falmouth this weekend for Bryn’s 40th Birthday with Diane, Nick and Paula, so it will be nice to have good company and to spend a few days attempting to relax before my brain explodes.

***This tells you that your divorce is almost completed.
When the court gives you your Decree Nisi you have to wait 6 weeks and 1 day before you can make your divorce final. This is to allow time for anyone who objects to the divorce to tell the court why they object.
After 6 weeks and 1 day you can apply for the “Decree Absolute”.This means your divorce is completed and you are no longer married to your partner

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