A Lovely Trip To Cornwall

Posted on August 17, 2009

I have just come back from a lovely trip to Cornwall with Sally, Brin, Ed, Nick, Paula, and Diane. It was really nice of Sally to have her stay at what is her holiday home in Penpol, Newquay. We set off on Wednesday night, and I had to laugh when Di pulled out an A4 piece of paper with the directions , I have SATNAV for gods sake, it is a simple operation. I plugged in our destination, Penpol, and we were on the road, arriving to our destination in a remarkable 3.5 hours, which even impressed Di, her directions had been completely humbled by modern technology. We only had to go over the bridge look out for the post box, and we were there. This seemed harder than imagined as there was no bridge or no post box. We knew Penfol was on the road out of Truro which strangely we hadn’t past on the way in so I plugged Truro into the SatNav…………………………62 KM!!!! Hilariously there are two place in Cornwall called Penfol. The joy of spending the next hour with a woman with the correct directions was a pleasure I have never felt before.

Anyway, when we got there, it was stunning, a lovely house overlooking the estuary and out to Sea. We did all sort of things, a banquet on the beach for Brins 40th, body boarding, and of course plenty of eating, and drinking, it was a really nice break from the pressures of work and moving house which were beginning to get a bit on top of me.

Thanks to Sally for inviting us and to all else for being great fun.

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