A Week of Ups and Downs As House Purchase Falls Through

Posted on August 22, 2009

This week has been real heart attack material, I arrived home from a lovely trip to Cornwall to discover that my proposed house move had collapsed, all my hopes of getting settled in tatters.
Though the people buying my house were still keen in proceeding, the flimsy chain above had collapsed, leading the guy I was buying off to somewhat understandably, take his house off the market. Fucking great, just what the doctor ordered.

As of last night (Friday) everything seemed back on, but I have lost interest now. I am sick to death of Estate Agents, Solicitors, and people thinking only of themselves. I am just going to wait now until I have money in the bank, and make a choice then. The money I have wasted is shocking, I have gone from being relatively well off to destitute. Popley here I come.

That apart, I only worked a couple of days this week, so I had a couple of days out, one with the boys and one with Di. I took the boys out rowing on the Basingstoke Canal on Tuesday and on Wednesday I took Di down to Christchurch for lunch, it was a lovely day, almost resembling summer.

Yesterday was spent looking after Di’s girls and the boys are with me also, we had a lovely day, a walk round Broughton and an evening of Board games, which was only interrupted occasionally by the cricket, as England look like they may regain The Ashes!!!

Christchurch Harbour

And again

Anglers on The Dorset Stour

Boys on The canal

Three Men in a Boat

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