Sure Deodrant Experiment

Posted on August 25, 2009

I would like to offer my recent findings to the Huntingdon Animal Testing Lab. By doing this I will hopefully save the eyesight of a monkey or a guinea pig.

I can confirm from my experiment carried this morning that flicking Sure Men Roll On deodorant in to the eyeball it causes temporary blindness, followed by the swelling and severe irritation of the eyelid. Whilst it can still be used as an anti perspirant, please do not use Sure deodorant in or around they eyes as it hurts….a lot.

Can I also suggest from my findings that the staff at Huntingdon do not spray Sure deodorant into the eyes of monkeys, as it will hurt them as well, they won’t enjoy it, believe me, I have tested it for you. You will probably do it anyway, but at least I tried to do my bit you cruel bastards.

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