Bank Holiday Weekend-A mixed Bag

Posted on August 31, 2009

I have had an odd Bank Holiday, as mixed as the weather, but one thing is for sure, I have not been in great form, phsically and mentally, carrying something around with me that doesn’t make me too ill to function, but not good enough to be particulary sociable. If i am honest with myself, I think I need a long term break from booze and late nights.

Anyway, on Saturday I looked at some houses which I am now preparing to make offers on before I miss out on the housing ladder. I followed that by going with Di to Penny and Brin’s joint 40th at Brian’s house, and whilst I was still feeling drained, it was a good party.

Yesterday was our penultimate cricket match of the season, it was a damp and miserable day, and we were well beaten, but at least I gained my top score of the season getting 18 not out which included three fours that I didn’t know I was capable of hitting. I followed that by a humbling experience at the hands of former Hants and Kent player Bobby Parks who hit me for two sixes and two fours in one over which nearly reduced me to tears.

To make it worse our opposition had a good looking and dashing six 6′ 3″ opening batsman who scored runs with ease, acknowledged good deliveries, and was polite and friendly to everyone, before, during, and after the game. He was such a lovely and faultless bloke, undoubtedly wealthy, and almost certainly married to a beautiful, gifted, and wealthy wife…………..god I hated him.

That is what you get for being educated at The Hurst School in the 1980’s, a class divide that it is impossible to bridge, he will probably be off to Monaco on a conference tomorrow, I will be trying to get paid for sub letting electricians to a company that doesn’t like paying me!!!

Penny and Brin opening cards

Pete Beckley, Nick Mabey and me

Brian’s lovely garden

Letting of chinese lanterns

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