Still No House As Autumn Crashes In!!

Posted on September 2, 2009

Blimey what a crap week! The tail end of a hurricane has bought a crashing and depressing end to the summer we barely had. Autumn is here and it only seems like five minutes ago the Met Office were predicting a “barbecue summer” whatever that is.
They could argue that what they meant was that it would piss down every time someone had a BBQ, and in that aspect they were undoubtedly correct, it has rained most of the summer……on most Barbecues. However I think their prediction was of a hot Summer which was undoubtedly incorrect.

I wander if they are now going to predict a “Hot Porridge” winter. If they do we will all know that means no frost or snow as these fuckers deal in opposites just to wind us up. That’s unless you read The Mail or The Express of course, they will be predicting an icy arctic blast brought in by scrounging, job poaching, Eastern European immigrants designed to kill all the pensioners so they can steal their benefits.

Maybe I should get the Met Office to predict when I will have a house to live in, or when Estate Agents will stop lying to me…………………………………that’s even too easy for them…….NEVER!!!!

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