Here There and Everywhere

Posted on September 6, 2009
The boys can’t complain that it isn’t all action when they stay with their Dad, Thursday at my house, Saturday at Grandad’s in Lymington, and last night at Di’s saw an end to their holidays for this year.

On Friday I took them off to Paultons Park for what may be the last time, as it is a young peoples park, and they are outgrowing it now. It is the only non peasant theme park I know to be honest, and if it is our last visit I will have fond memories of our times there.

We followed this with a trip to my Dad’s which I always look forward to as it means a meal out a couple pints, and a good chinwag, the boys love going there as they have a really cool cosy room complete with TV etc.

On saturday we drove back and had a look at some more houses without a lot of success really, then we went over to Broughton to have a lovely barbecue with Di, the kids, and her Mum and Step Dad with games on the WII and a card school which Harry loves. It is so nice to see the children all getting on, and considering they are older George and Harry play with the girls really well. Megan is only six and is slightly in awe of George and climbs all over him, but he doesn’t seem to mind too much.
Today we went to the Cricket Fun Day at Oakley which was a good laugh, but touched with a tint of sadness as the nights draw in and the cricket season ends. This culminating with the end of the holidays, and Harry going off to “Big” school tomorrow gave me a bit of a lump in the throat feeling as I dropped them off tonight. Time rushes past so quickly, I really must do as much as I can with my children before it’s too late.

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