what A Difference Two Years Makes!!!

Posted on September 9, 2009

There have been a lot of big changes in my life over the last two years, but nothing compares to what has happened to our international football team. It is not yet two years since Croatia beat England at Wembley to eliminate us from Euro 2008, yet tonight Fabio Capello’s men destroyed the same team 5-1 at the same venue, to reach World Cup 2010 with a 100% qualifying record.

Wally with a brolly: Hapless McClaren in November 2007

I hated England then, they had a manager who was chummy with the players and their inflated egos. They lacked desire, cohesion, and spirit, they were hopeless. Enter the Italian disciplarian who had no favourites, no softly softly attitude, just a total desire to justify his massive salary, and what a difference he has made. Hungry players fearful of the axe, willing to run, fight, and show intelligence on and off the pitch, the transformation is incredible.

South Africa here we come: Capello celebrates with the English team

This England team may well not have the talent to overcome the skill of likes of the wonderful Spanish team in South africa 2010, but if Capello can keep the order, and the professional team spirit he has imposed on these once joke team, we can at least go in to a tournament with hope, rather than impending embarrasment which has blighted previous tournaments.

It hurts supporters when they see overpaid footballers and managers let them down, but no one, me included, gives a shit what they earn when they play as they did tonight, it could have easily been 10, Croatia were lucky not to get a bigger hiding.

Who know’s if England are ready to win it, but they are in it, and with the belief the Italian maestro has installed in this side, we should have a team that we can a least follow with pride again. I have not said that for a long, long time.

Well done England, well done Fabio, you have given football supporters hope again.

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