An Up And Down Week

Posted on September 13, 2009

All sorts going on this week, Harry starting Brighton Hill, England qualifying for the world cup, a dour day at Reading in the sun yesterday, and the conclusion of the cricket season.

On Friday me and Di in particular, had had what can be best described as testing days, so we went to Clive and lesley’s for a curry and washed away our respective bad days with them and Bri and Lorri. It took me a while to get sociable, but I soon lightened up and we all had a nice evening.

Yesterday I managed to motivate myself to watch The Royals in a bore draw with Doncaster, the Premiership days seem along way away now as we watched on with a lifelesss half empty stadium. That said it was nice to see Dave, Pete, Mark, Stewart, John, Paul and Del again, and a few of us began laying out plans for a trip to South Africa for the world cup in 2010 where we intend to get gunned down in a Joberg no go area. Me and Pete decided that having avoided death in a Stuttgart Hells Angels bar in Stuttgart in 2006, and gangsters lap bar in Bulgaria, we were well prepared to for a tribal gun battle in SA . What’s life without a few risks?

Last night me and Di had a meal out before falling asleep in front of Match Of The Day, and today it was off to cricket for the last time this summer. I am really going to miss my Sunday afternoons playing, especially as George is a more established member of the team than me now. The banter, and the new friends we have met at the club was something I cherished this year, it has been great fun.

Reading and Doncaster battle out a bore draw

The Light Fades At Oakley After Our Last Game This Summer

George and Harry Start Back at School

Sunset Over Stockbridge

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