Broughton Jumble Sale

Posted on October 19, 2009

They say variety is the spice of life, and you must try something once, so this weekend the boys and I headed over to Diane’s for the annual Brougton jumble sale at the village hall, and what an eye opener it was. It is truly amazing what people buy and the way they will go about it.

When we arrived there were already 20-30 people outside the hall peering through the windows to see what was on offer, one women even tried to get through the back door by offering a sleeping bag to the jumble as a bait to get herself in early. When Brian mockingly pretended they were trying to break the doors down I almost believed him such was the frenzy outside, it was a sight to behold.

Anyway, with ten minutes to go the atmosphere was hotting up outside, and suddenly there was a call to arms reminiscent of a German bombing of the east end as all the parents were ordered to evacuate their children to the kitchen area for their own safety…………what on earth was going on!!!

Then the doors opened, Jesus these people raced in and plundered and scavenged like they had been overcome by some caveman survival instinct to scrap for anything that might be bordering on useful. I was scared and blissfully happy at the same time, it was great entertainment, and it soon became apparent that these people came in three groups.

1/ What can I nick
2/I will offer them 5p for everything
3/I am a decent old dear, and I will give them what the item is worth, even if it is more than they asked me for.

One woman (this is true) asked me how much a flower shaped M&S Soap was, and when I said 10p she said she would give 5p, and 10p if I caught it, before proceeding to chuck it at my head. To her surprise I just about caught it, and the old cow still only gave me 5p. I felt like chucking a hot cup of tea in her face, but I came to the conclusion it wouldn’t be good for business to burn a witch at a jumble sale, this was 2009 not 1450, though at times it felt like it.

George and Harry, sensing their Dad was in trouble came to help me in the front line (Harry is a better salesman than George) and we managed to finish unscathed doing our own tiny bit to helping Broughton School raise £1200 towards a trip to the Christmas party. Wonderful entertainment.

The quality goods on show in Bric a Brac

Sally doing sign language, I think she is saying “Do you want a cup of Tea”

Here come the hunters
Brian gets 4p for picture and a trinket

Harry negotiating a good price (10p) for a lamp

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