Wonderful Autumn

Posted on October 8, 2009

Now the Azores high is retreating back to it’s home and the Atlantic lows are taking hold, I thought this would be great time to reflect on September, the best month of the year for the third year running.

I used to get depressed when September was coming, as it signalled the end of Summer, but as we have barely had much sun in July and August over the last three years, September is rapidly becoming a month to savour and look forward to, rather than one to dread.

October is here now and the active lows and tail end’s of hurricanes are approaching, promising a turbulent month ahead, but if this is followed by cold, sunny, frosty days in November and November I won’t be complaining, I love the seasons, I just don’t like waiting until September for Summer to arrive.

At present metreologists dont seem to know why the Jet Stream is overpowering the all important Azores high during the “Summer” months, it maybe just be coincidence, and a good summer next year will mean all is forgotten, however another bad Summer may signal that we are set in a trend of weather that may last for years to come. Let’s hope not.

Enjoy the pics

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