Weekend Action

Posted on October 4, 2009

This weekend was a busy one indeed, and I have been hampered by a heavy cold that has turned my nose in to the equivalent of dripping tap, it now really stings.It’s a good job I didn’t want sympathy, as it was not forthcoming, Diane choosing to avoid me rather than having to put up with an ill bloke, which is understandable.

Anyway after a self inflicted defeat for Oakley in our first indoor cricket match of the season, we went with John and Zak to watch Reading yesterday in what was one of my top ten all time crap performances. After a couple of exciting Premiership seasons Reading are languishing in the championship and look in severe danger of another relegation, it would be depressing if I cared that much, but I just don’t really, I have more pressing things to worry myself with, and I certainly wasn’t going to let it ruin my evening.

Last night me and the boys stayed at John and Heidi’s and Stewart and Clare came over for a chilli I cooked. It all vanished so that was good, and we had a rather boozy evening which, as is the case with John and Stewart, pretty much obligatory, and my memories are quite hazy which suggests that the conversations would have got more incoherent and without substance, but I can remember laughing a lot, even if don’t know what, or who at.

Today we all did a country walk around Buckleberry way (between Reading and Newbury) which culminated in Sunday Lunch at The Angel in Woolhampton where the menu claims to be a Gastro Pub where you should “expect the unexpected”. I ordered roast pork which came out rather expectantly as roast pork, and as I expected there was roast potatoes and vegetables with it too. The meal itself didn’t have me dancing in the street, nor did it have me reaching for the sick bucket. It was fine, and maybe just a tad if not excessively overpriced at £9.95, but maybe the Angel should make their strap line “Expect the expected” then they will just about be spot on.

Harry trying to work out where the hell we are

All the kids in the woods

Not the only rubbish I witnessesd at Reading yesterday

A rare Reading attack yesterday(note the empty seats)

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