A Smattering Of Snow and A Sober Christmas Party

Posted on December 20, 2009

Winter blew in from the North East this week bringing us a couple of inches of snow and some penetrating frosts. You can always predict a cold snap in England because it generally coincides with the annual global warming summit. I was discussing this with my friend the other day, and it has to be said that the organisers of these non descript events should consider hosting them somewhere hot oppressive, with a purple haze of fumes. Somewhere like Mumbai for instance, rather than Copenhagen where the temperature is -10c and snow cascading from the sky. Its a bit like saying that cricket is more fun in the rain, and is probably not the best way to convince the doubters like myself. I am not comfortable about the whole thing to be honest, that is because I suffer from paranoia about the powers that be creating fear amongst the masses to keep control, but that’s another story for another time (read Big Brother by George Orwell one day).

last night I went off to a Christmas party for a building company I do marketing work for, and I took the unusual step of deciding to lay off the booze, as I wasn’t in the greatest of moods. If I am in a great mood I love a drink, if I am in a bad one, I go sullen and become depressing company, so when I am tired or fed up I don’t bother to drink too much if I can help it.

Anyway not drinking much (I had a couple of pints of bitter) was far more fun than I ever imagined as there were about ten different companies at the Hotel meal and disco. I love people watching, and seeing people deteriorate through alcohol is a right laugh, it all happened last night, terrible dancing, falling over, dancing on tables, food fights, and the obligatory tarty Secretary huddled up outside crying on her mates shoulder, generally about a man who has spurned her advances, or shagged her in toilet and avoided her ever since. Generally though, it was a friendly high spirited event. The food was fine considering how much that had to turn round, and the band were fun, I really enjoyed it, and I feel fine today, perhaps the first time in history I haven’t had a hangover after a Christmas do. Without wanting to sound all evangelical it feels quite good!

Pics come from local area after Friday snow.

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