Chaos in The Snow

Posted on December 21, 2009

Basingstoke came to a standstill this afternoon in one of the most chaotic snowstorms I have seen. 4-5 inches of snow came down in a couple of hours and it is still coming down as I write this blog. It took 3 hours to get five miles across town as cars slid off the road and got abandoned, it was cracking fun, I love it.

What started out as drizzle quickly turned in to snow and the heavens opened, it was really spectacular, and the pictures don’t really do it justice. What is so great is the spirit of good old Brits, out with the shovels helping people on their way. Tremendous stuff!!

Me And Harry

Cars abandoned on Kempshott Hill

Traffic comes to a Standstill

This Should Be Fun

Trouble Ahead

I’m Not Going Up There

Down we go

Trees in My Back Garden

Garden Table And Chairs

Home At Last!!!

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