All Night Long (All Night)

Posted on December 10, 2009

Harry and I were listening to the shuffle on my ipod in the car the other day when Come Dancing by The Kinks came on. Imagine my pride when he announced it was one of his favourite songs, not many 11 year old boys would make that claim!

Shortly after the Ipod shuffled on to a song from a Motown album, you probably know it, “All night long” by Lionel Richie. Harry liked this song as well, I am neither here or there with it, it is fine, but not great, but what struck us both was the backing vocals. Listen here, it takes a while to get going, but be patient.

Now can you imagine the young backing singers ecstasy when she got the call to be Lionel Richie’s backing singer.

“Honey I have some great news, I have a big break for you, you are wanted for……. wait for it……Lionel Richie’s backing vocals!!!!”

“Mom, Dad………….I am going to be singing with Lionel Richie from the Commodores”

“Oh honey……we are so damn proud”

Imagine when she got to the studio and was given her two words “All Night” on the back of a fag packet.

“Hey, I have the title but no lyrics?”

“They are the lyrics honey, but you do get to sing them 150 times”

What a shattering blow that must have been, but she can take consolation in the fact she was not alone in the dull lyrics department in the 80’s. Take for instance the guy on Maddona’s “Material World” what a job he had singing “Li-ving in a Ma-ter-ial world” over and over again (it is at its best at the end of the song) to this pop ditty. Now I have a shit voice, really shit, but I reckon I could have managed that, but they chose the bloke who sang “Come on Barbie Lets Go Party” instead of me.

Still, at least he got to sing with Madonna whilst she was still foxy, now she looks like some sort of alien, obviously trying to get in the Tina Turner and Cher category of “Ooh doesn’t she great for age.”

If manoeuvring around the stage looking like you have just had a hideous accident in your pants is a sign of looking good for your age can I die tomorrow please?

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