That Will Teach Me……………….

Posted on December 8, 2009

My car went in for some electrical repairs today, and the garage kindly offered me a Nissan Micra for the day.

“Have you not got anything else?” I enquired desperately

“Yes, we have a BMW you can use”

Phew! I am not a big BMW fan but anything had to be better than being spotted in Noddy’s car……….didn’t it???

Well no actually, it bloody didn’t. The mechanic took me out passed an array of gleaming Mercs and BMW’s to this thing!

A gorgeous 1988 BMW 3 Series, very nice 21 years ago no doubt, but in 2009 it made feel like a cross between a small time drug dealer and D. I Hunt.
Worse still it had no petrol in it so I had to stop at Sainsburys. I had no intention going any further than in to town so I put a fivers worth in, and low and behold a woman I used to walk Harry in to school with, came in to pay at the same time as me.
“Just the five pounds of unleaded sir” the cashier bellowed across the shop. I wanted to die on the spot.I didn’t hang around to chat, christ, she must have thought that I had been hammered in my divorce settlement. She probably went home to Husband, and said:
“I saw that Harry Lethaby’s Dad in Sainsburys driving a knackered old car, and he only had a fiver for petrol, so you better watch your step mate.”
If nothing else, it has probably guaranteed her flowers, chocolates and a decent Christmas present, the poor bastard must be shitting himself!!
Off to town now to do some wheelspins in the multi storey!

2 Replies to "That Will Teach Me..................."

  • Trevor and Amy
    December 9, 2009 (12:25 am)

    That's hilarious Bob. Good luck with your drifting!

  • Bob Lethaby's Blog
    December 9, 2009 (11:02 pm)

    Cheers Bro………I'm cooking yo!

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