Posted on December 30, 2009

Christmas this year has been really nice, which makes it a bit un blogworthy, as it has all gone according plan, with nice days out, nice food, and time spent with close family and friends, so I am sorry, and at the same time happy to say that there are no disasters or dramas to report.

Had Di got me more involved in cooking or organising Christmas lunch I am sure things might have been more interesting, but she took it upon herself to keep me out of the equation, and everything went swimmingly, we have had a Christmas of seasonal weather, country walks, and over indulgence.

Thanks to everyone.

The pics come from around Hampshire over the last few days.

Walking through Pamber Forest

Stewart and Tadik discussing cooking tactics

Views over Pamber End

Kids smashing Up Ice

Road In To Broughton

Fields On The Clarenden Way

Salisbury left, Winchester right

In Order Of Size, Megan, Charlotte, Harry, and George

Freezing Fog On The Stockbridge Road

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