83 Years On And Reading Reach Another FA Cup Quarter Final

Posted on February 25, 2010

What a great night for Reading FC last night, as they reached their first FA Cup quarter final since 1927, the same year the Harlem Globe Trotters played their first game, Charles Lindbergh completed the first transatlantic crossing, Stalin came to power, and Adolf was still a popular German family name.

Gyliffi Siggurdson celebrates his extra time winner
Not to be one to miss out on a bit of sentiment, I watched the game on “live text” on the BBC Website as I was in the depths of Broughton with no communication from Sky Sports or Radio Berks.
There cannot be a more painful way of “watching” football than live text, anyone who thinks radio commentary is painful hasn’t lived until they experience live text, I picked it up whilst Reading were 2-1 down in the final stages of the game, it goes a bit like this……….
87.25 Shot by Siggurdson (little circle whirrs on screen for 30 seconds)
87. 55 Shot by Siggurdson saved (whirring circle)
88.30 Reading Corner Swung In (whirring circle)
89.10 Headed clearance by West Brom player, shot from clearance by Reading Player (whirrr)
90.00 Shot from Kebe wide to right game moves in to injury time (whirr)
91.00 Thrown in deep in West Brom territory (whirr)
92.50 Shot deep in West Brom territory from Brian Howard (endless whirr)
93.10 West Brom Goalkeeper dives towards goal bound shot (whirrr)
93. 20 GOAL West Brom 2 Reading 2: Reading’s Brian Howard scores high in to West Brom Goal
93.30 Bob Lethaby has accident in his pants
Final Whistle Blow Extra Time being played.
Can you imagine how painful that is, and I had to now do this for another half hour of extra time.
To cut along story short Reading took the lead with a corking goal to win the tie 3-2 though I did have to cope with…..
120.30 Inswinging corner from West Brom (whirr)
120.45 Final whistle blows and Bob Lethaby does 10 laps of Di’s garden
I can honestly say that there is not a more hideous way of following a game, every time that little circle whirrs round you convince yourself something has gone horribly wrong, it is excrutiating, but in a perverse way quite exciting.
Reading play Aston Villa at home in the next round, a hard task, but win that and it is a Semi Final at Wembley!!!

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