Gillette The Best A Man Can Get???

Posted on March 15, 2010

With the potential of money becoming really tight in this spiteful recession, I decided this weekend, for probably the first time in my working life, to undertake the futile exercise of seeing where all my money goes when I am in Sainsburys.
My list was pretty ordinary, bread, milk, mince, sausages, eggs, orange juice, kitchen towels, bin liners and razors, and an uneventful twenty minutes beckoned, because in reality all the listed items were all pretty much essential, and I wasn’t about to go to Lidl to save 50p, what’s the point.
My last item was Gillette razor blades. I normally buy a packet of 8 of these about once a month I suppose, and never really looked at the cost as they are so such a small and unexciting item. I can honestly say that I have always just tossed them in the basket and walked on and paid. Being a born lazy bastard, I always pay by Switch and rarely if ever check the prices on anything.
Right, I wont beat around the bush any longer…………………….are you ready……A PACKET OF 8 GILLETTE RAZOR BLADES IS £18.99!!!! Shall I repeat that?….A PACKET OF 8 GILLETTE RAZOR BLADES IS £18.99!!!! Fuck me, I had never known that, I thought they were about a fiver! No way was I paying that much, so I bought a packet of Sainsburys home brand basics razors for two quid, what a bargain. I saved £16.00 and had the pleasure of hacking myself to bits with the equivalent of a blunt vegetable peeler.
Once I stopped bleeding, undeterred I returned to Sainsbury’s to buy another brand grandly called King of Shaves, though I have to wait another day for the swelling on my neck to go down before I trial it, it looked like nappy rash this morning. No wander babies scream so much if their poor chubby chaffed inner thighs feel like my neck did this morning.
So there you have it, is Gillette the best a man can get? Quite possibly, though at that price you have to give the others a go, even if it does make you look like you have tried to shave with a Black and Decker sander.
I have some pics of Bruce’s 5oth (yes 50th!!!) coming soon, it is just that I have left my camera cable at Diane’s and can’t load them right now. Watch this space.

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