King Of Shaves-The Response

Posted on March 22, 2010

I had a message of Friday from a chap called Will King (founder of King of Shaves) regarding my recent Blogs on the various qualities and price of Razors. Now you have to be impressed with that, K.O.S is a company on the money with their marketing and research. Will is sending me the new King of Shaves Azor M with V2 Cartridge which sounds to me, like an incredibly fast car. I can almost hear that lovable prick Jeremy Clarkson…..

“Introducing the New Azor with V2 Cartridge (obligatory mid sentence pause) It goes like (another obligatory mid sentence pause) a nuclear bomb. This is not for girls (extra long start of sentence pause) this is a mans car!!!”

Without sounding too much like a sycophant to Will King’s cause, I took time to read his Blogs over the weekend and he has to be admired for his dedication, some would say obsession to shaving. Whilst many men live in fear of their wife catching them looking at Internet porn, you can almost imagine Will King frantically deleting his browsing history as his wife walks through door seconds away from catching him looking at the new Wilkinson Sword Quattro.

Will….are you looking at razors on the Internet again”

“No honest darling, I wasn’t ……..I was looking at……erm…….uuh….erm……gigantic jugs of joy”

“Oh that’s okay then”

Anyone interested in Razors should view Will’s Kings Blog here . I am looking forward to receiving my new Azor M and I genuinely hope it is a viable competitor to the robbing bastards at Gillette. I will give my verdict here soon.

The pics and video below are of Harry (George prefers his mates to me nowadays and didn’t come) during a weekend trip Ringoing at a place ambitiously named Snowtrax, in Hurn near Christchurch. Anyone planning a trip of this kind should take note that it is quite expensive (£21.00 an hour for us both) and has an age group of 4-12. If you child is older than twelve he/she will be bored in ten minutes. However, Harry is still eleven and we had a really good laugh, so don’t be put off, as Snowtrax is well organised in a good fun atmosphere, and a benefit of the hefty price, and need to carry out some physical exercise (walking back up the slope) is the obvious lack of aggressive pasty looking people in in Kappa tracksuits.

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