Posted on September 21, 2010

I had a rather curious note attached to my most recent blog regarding a website that helps resolve relationship break ups, complete with videos on the subject. This would I suppose, have the possibility of being handy if I had actually broken broken up with someone recently. Unless of course, my girlfriend has dumped me, and has sent me an anonymous link to a website to make me come grovelling back to her. If that is the case, you are not funny Diane, I have not got $35 to spend on your practical jokes.

I had a brief look through this guys page at www.saveabreakup.com and it is in fact a genuine site with it’s own slightly off the wall ideas on relationship repair that conflicts against the ideals of marriage guidance counsellors. Now, before you dismiss the guy as some sort of wacko extracting $35 out of people in desperate straights, it has to be said that he can be no more expensive than a lot of so called professional scavengers like marriage guidance counsellors, mediators, and fat, sweaty, greedy, lawyers who take money off you with the skill of an Italian pick pocket. My experience, and that of other people I know, is that a Counsellor is the Grim Reaper in the final stages of marriage, and the Solicitor is there to transfer what remains in your bank account in to his.

I am hoping my friends and readers of this blog who were going to have a break up, have already done so, and there are none more to follow, it is an unpleasant business. However if there is, take it from a someone who knows, there are plenty of people out there who will to play on high emotional turmoil as a way to extract your cash. Confide in your closest friends, use Solicitors for the most basic purposes, and make your own mind up on counsellors, but personally, I think they talk a load of old bollocks, their marriage saviour ratio must be meandering around the 0% mark. And guess what, I didn’t even charge you for that, what a great bloke I am.

So thanks for the link old chap, but your product is not of use to me this time, as I am pretty much a happy soul (apart from my aborted trip to France). However, if via the miracles of the web someone buys your product via my Blog page, I think I deserve 10% comission, or at least a beer, for portraying you as more honourable than divorce lawyers, which is surely a reccomendation of sorts?

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