Chris Moyles-What a Prick!

Posted on September 23, 2010

Ever since I first heard arrogant Leeds born super twat Chris Moyles on the Radio, he has been right up there in my top ten British twats list, and his latest pathetic outburst on Radio One has confirmed what I have always suspected about the cretinous prick. If you had not heard, poor old Chris hasn’t been paid by the BBC for two months due to an administrative cock up within the BBC payroll department.

Whilst I accept that this must be annoying, when you are on about 40k a month it can hardly be life threatening, and it is not as if though the BBC are going to go bust or anything is it? What really got on my nerves was Moyles bleating about it on the radio station that pays him such an inflated salary funded by license payer.

Moyles: Prick

I run a business, and if I get paid on time it is cause for a minor celebration, but often I have to wait as my clients are struggling to get paid from the top end of the chain. We are all having a hard time, but we just have to get on with it and be flexible, because if I was stood outside their offices with a loud speaker broadcasting to the general public that I hadn’t been paid, I wouldn’t get my money, and I wouldn’t have any customers. If I was one of the payroll staff he abused, I would now send him £4.00 wages instead of £40,000 and say I got my zeros mixed up.

Moyles must have something about him, millions listen to his show, but he was the one person who put the final nail in to the coffin of my Radio One listening. We all knew that people like DLT, Garry Davies, Tony Blackburn, and Simon Bates were wallies who effectively had their careers terminated by Paul Whitehouse’s Smashie and Nicey characters, but they were all pretty harmless wallies and *DLT apart, they took the stick they got in good heart. Moyles then came crashing on to the scene and called himself “The Saviour Of Radio One”. What an absolute wanker of the highest order.

When Peter Allen (presenter on Radio Five’s Drive show) began tutting and cussing on his show about the outburst, his co presenter Aasmir Mir asked him how he would feel about not being paid he replied: “I don’t know, but I wouldn’t broadcast it on the radio”. Quite right too.
Chris Moyles needs to need to take a look at himself, the BBC have given him opportunities to earn huge amounts of money dicking around in a studio, and he is now verbally abusing them, and certain members of the admin and payroll staff, what a spoilt fat blubbering baby.

Get over it Moyles, you’ll get your money you over rated prick, it’s not as if though you’ll starve is it?

* DLT (Dave Lee Travis) famously resigned on air, allegedly after hearing he was to soon to be sacked. He was savaged by Smashie & Nicey, but unlike Tony Blackburn who went along with it all, he couldn’t see the joke which led to further ridicule.

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  • Bub
    July 5, 2022 (10:28 pm)

    I really like radio x. Great music, but that fat mouthed twat with nothing good to say moyles needs to go. The blokes a prick that wouldn’t be missed, ergo tune in when he’s off.

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