Off To France….

Posted on September 18, 2010

It really is time to move on from the controversy of the visit of Pope, though if one good thing has come of it, it has certainly stirred up lots of lively debate, and varying points of view, which is a good thing don’t you think? The hypocrisy surrounding the whole event briefly had me acting in aggressively ‘atheist manner’ as I never have been able to cope with being told how to think, especially by a religion that has a garden so badly out of order, it will take more than a rake and a pair of secatares to sort out.

The natural evolution of many catholic people has them questioning every aspect of their religion, and it is losing control rapidly because it stubbornly refuses to accept its failings. I was furious at the visit of Pope, but I would have been even more furious if I was a catholic who had been bought up amongst hypocrisy, abuse, and a rabid fear of damnation. The Catholic faith is fading fast, and it is questioning the values of British as fear tactic to try to stem the flow of non new found sceptics walking away and being free from oppression. They are acting like a violent husband screaming “you’ll be nothing without me” as his wife eventually walks out of the door shutting years of misery behind her. If you are feeling in a strong frame of mind, Google personal stories of abused catholics. If you are not, don’t do it, it is harrowing stuff that no human should be subjected to, and it not just the odd case, there are thousands of them.

Anyway, I am of on another test of my emotions on Monday. I am, after years of threatening to do so, going to visit the beaches of the Normandy landings during the second world war. I am going with my Dad in a camper van, and I can’t wait, as I am confident he should remain in good health, but as with any 79 year old he can be a bit up and down sometimes. What I must do is accept that he can’t walk like he used to, and that, though he will deny it, he is more susceptible to cold and damp than he once was. Like all Dad’s, he has always appeared to me as being pretty much indestructible. He is a tough old bugger, but I really must look out for him over the next few days without being patronising, I mentioned one of those mobile scooters to him once, the look of disgust he cast in my direction made it a statement I will regret forever!!!

Back on Thursday.

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